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Why Choose 18004CarCare Auto Repair Shops?18004carcare is the “Original” auto repair referral and information service established in 1993. ALL others are just imitations. We connect people with the best local auto repair shops. We do on-site inspections of each and every shop in each and every zip code, nothing can take place of a face to face inspection. With our stringent criteria and in the field inspectors.

  • Approved pricing standards
  • Honesty (All Important)
  • On-Line and customer base reputation
  • Established
  • Certifications Schools and ongoing training
  • All Shops Bound by Ethics, Standards
  • Customer Service
  • Integrity
  • Mediation

The Accreditation You Can Count On

On Site Inspections

Over-the-phone accreditation doesn't cut it for us. We interview face to face for honesty and integrity.

Dispute Resolution

We stand behind our promise. Not satisfied? You always have recourse by calling 1800-4-Car-Care.

Nationwide Warranty

You're never stranded with us. if something goes wrong we will find an accredited shop or trusted local shop near you.

No Need to overpay

All of our facilities will be using approved pricing tools. You will get a specific price if requested for a specific repair, not a range.

Find Honest Automotive Facilities - Just Look for Our Badge

We are the first and only automotive accreditation that stands for honesty and integrity. Our mission is to remedy the stigma and lack of trust associated with the automotive industry and build a network of the good, honest, and hardworking automotive experts we know to be the majority. Our rigorous accreditation process includes standards in pricing, tools and equipment, training, parts, certifications, complaint history, on site inspections, and background checks.

Each one of our Honesty-Accredited™ automotive facilities should have our accreditation sign prominently displayed in their office or their front window. If you don’t see it prominently displayed, be sure to ask if they are accredited with 18004CarCare. Make sure the next automotive facility you visit has our accreditation badge displayed, you'll be glad you did.

The Original Network of Trusted Auto Facilities

Our accreditation and concept is the original auto facility network. 18004CarCare was founded after founder, RJ Splitt, had a terrible experience at an auto repair facility.

Reflecting on the experience, RJ decided he would do anything he could to prevent this experience from happening to anyone ever again. From that pledge the network of accredited repair facilities known as 18004CarCare was born.

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Everyone seems to have a theory on when to repair a car and when to get a new one. But you know your needs and your car's history better than anyone else, so use our tips as a guide, not gospel.Buying a new car might seem like the easy way out of a high repair bill, but it may not be the best financial decision.

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Ten Most Common Repairs Shops do

Ten Most Common Repairs Shops do

Cars are complicated machines and there are a lot of things that can go wrong with them but car repair shops often see the same repairs over and over. The common repairs listed below can often be avoided if you properly maintain your vehicle and have preventive maintenance done on a regular basis.

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Know your Auto Repair "Lingo" Terminology

Here are a few suggestions to help you communicate effectively with your mechanic. It will reduce surprises with regard to cost, time, and the repair of your vehicle. When you know the right terminology (or "mechanic lingo"), you will get better answers about the details of your expected auto repair.

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