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Cooling System Experts - Over Heating Honest & Reasonable Shops

Is your Engine overheating?  We can help you understand.  In this case, the "system" that Cools your motor is the "Cooling System".  The "System" as defined here, is exactly what it sounds like.  Hence it is called a system because it is comprised of numerous components working together in order to "cool off" the heat in your vehicles engine.  Auto Repair for Overheating involves the Cooling System.  It's purpose is to keep the engines temperature at a proper, safe level preventing your vehicle from overheating.   


Usually, the first thing you will notice is the upward climb on your temperature gauge rising towards the RED ZONE. Also, you may see fluid leaking from underneath your vehicle. Likewise, you may also see Steam rising out from under your hood.

To explain, engines operate at  195° to 220° F (90° to 104° C) degrees.