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Auto Repair in

Pre-Screened Auto Repair in , Co. To be sure, you won’t fall victim to Auto Repair Scams, is the reason we exist. Certainly, we do not rank shops over the internet, based on made-up reviews and bogus “Selection Criteria”. Prior to making a decision on who’s the best.

Best Auto Repair shop in & Pre-Screened by 18004carcare

18004CARCARE An Expert In Honesty Auto Repair in , Co.!

In the first place, 18004CarCare is the “Orginal Auto Repair Referral and Information Service” Established In 1993. Chiefly Reported on CBS, NBC, FOX NEWS We Investigate, Mediate, Offer Advice, and Require Repair facilities to live- up to a stringent “Code of Ethics”. Also, our Company is Made of a team of “Honest Experts” in the Automotive industry Specifically. As a matter of fact, many of the unscrupulous Repair shops are afraid to let us beyond the front Counter of their shop. Nevertheless, we tried to gain access to every Repair shop in every zip code. In this case, we were dismissed and rejected from doing an inspection. Lest they have something to hide? Important to realize, each Shop undergoes a detailed comprehensive investigation. For one thing, we Verify Tools, Equipment, Pricing, Training, Lifts, Bays, Types of Vehicles Serviced, Come-backs, Parts, Markups. As well as other attributes that make up an Integrious, Honest, Quality Auto Repair Shop. Our On-Site Face to Face Pre-Screening Process for : When you use our Facility Finder, every Honesty-Accredited TM automotive facility you find has gone through our accreditation process outlined in detail below.

Our On-Site Face to Face Pre-Screening Process for :

When you use our Facility Finder, every Honesty-Accredited TM automotive facility you find has gone through our accreditation process outlined in detail below.

In-Person Facility Owner Interviews

Opposite to Useless lists of ie.”The Best” Top-Rated” “The Best 17” – it’s all just Clever marketing! Surely you deserve Fair and Accurate information. For one thing, We’ve been around enough, we know the right questions to ask. Our presence on site not only gives us a more genuine feel for the people, but we also visit every location in our network to show the facility owner that we’re there to build a relationship.

Technician Interviews

Equally important we don’t just talk to the facility owner. In brief, a telltale sign of a good establishment is happy technicians. Therefore, part of our visit involves a tour around the facility with time to chat with the mechanics to learn about how the work is going and how life is at their facility.

Average Ticket Price

In particular, the 18004CarCare knows what an average visit to an auto facility costs. To repeat, we review ticket prices to verify its a fair price for service.

3rd Party Review Research

Prior to visiting an automotive facility to help determine their eligibility for our accreditation any complaints are addressed during our in-person facility owner interview. Indeed, concerns or outstanding issues are addressed in our interview process.

Ethics Code

Our Shops Agree to:
  • Built-in Mediation/Dispute resolution (See our file a complaint form)
  • Upon each visit, inspection is performed to provide you with all of the information on the vehicle(s) the condition. ONLY NECESSARY, pre-approved services will be done.
  • Up to date on schooling, training, and certifications.
  • Agree to a “mystery shopper” set up by us to maintain our high-quality standards.
  • Agree to let us perform periodical on-site inspections.
  • Provide highquality repair service at a reasonable or market price.
  • Use quality OEM parts or equivalent unless otherwise specified or negotiated beforehand with the customer.
  • Save Replaced parts so may be inspected by customers upon request before service begins.
  • To have a sense of personal obligation to each customer.
  • To promote goodwill between Consumer and Repair facility.
  • Explain to the customer which repairs are necessary and of these are required to correct for safety reasons.
  • Offer the customer an accurate estimate for work to be performed.
  • To furnish or post copies of any warranties covering parts or services.
  • Obtain prior authorization for repairs, in writing, or by other means obtained from consumers.
  • To notify the customer of a change in the completion date/time.
  • Maintain service records for a minimum of one year.
  • To exercise Reasonable care for the customer’s property.
  • Cooperate with 18004CarCare established the consumer complaint mediation process.
  • To uphold the high standards of 18004CARCARE and assist in correcting any abuses discovered within the Automotive industry.