About us


Our History

In 1993 18004CarCare founder, RJ Splitt, went through a horrific car care experience. When bringing his vehicle in for service in Southern California, he was lied to and taken advantage of by employees of an auto repair facility. Not only did he receive dishonest service, but he ended up in an L.A. County jail for 12 days for not having proper emissions on his vehicle! Reflecting on the experience in his holding cell, RJ decided he would do anything he could to prevent this experience from happening to anyone ever again. From that pledge the network of accredited repair facilities known as 18004CarCare was born.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where consumers can expect nothing less than complete transparency and trustworthy guidance from the Automotive industry. We may not all have had an experience like RJ’s, but most people have had a poor experience at an auto repair shop and may even associate the auto repair experience as a stressful experience, filled with risk of getting ripped off. RJ and the 18004CarCare team aim to change all that by providing a network of auto shops that can flip that perception and advance trust in the industry.

We do this with a strict and regularly-updated accreditation process that ensures the Business owners we work with provide complete transparency, honest business practices, and have products, services, equipment, and standards that provide a positive experience every visit.

We Pledge to Do the Following

Work with business owners and shops who elevate standards for trust!
Educate and empower both consumers and automotive businesses
Bring attention to behavior that results in poor experiences
Create and foster a community of trustworthy businesses
Provide an effective forum for dispute resolution in the automotive industry

Help Us Make the Auto Industry a Better Place

By choosing 18004CarCare you don’t just get service from a community of business owners in the automotive industry but honest and qualified facilities, you help support our vision by working with the honest people that make the automotive industry what it should be. The next time you or someone you care about needs help with their automotive needs, think of 18004CarCare (or call 1800 4 Car Care)  and join our mission to promote good business and make the auto industry the best it can be.