The 18004CarCare Honesty-Accreditation TM


The automotive industry needs a tune up. Due to a few bad apples, a sense of mistrust has developed amongst consumers when it comes to the automotive industry. That’s a problem. We want to be part of the solution. With the technology today it is very easy for ANY business to generate phony reviews. Business can also hire REPUTATION Management companies to keep their business looking good and scrub less than favorable reviews. So Consumers really have NO reliable way to make an educated decision. This is uniquely Unscrupulous. Our service is NOT a "Pay to Play". An Automotive facility can be quickly discarded from our data-base for improper behavior. We will mediate and help settle for NO COST and get you near instant resolution if you feel you have been wronged by any automotive facility who participates in our program or does NOT participate in our program, in an expedited manner.


18004CarCare is the first and only auto care accreditation that stands for honesty and integrity. Our mission is to remedy the stigma and lack of trust associated with the automotive industry and build a network of the good, honest, and hardworking automotive experts we know to be the majority.

Our Accreditation Process

When you use our Facility Finder, every Honesty-Accredited TM automotive facility you find has gone through our accreditation process outlined in detail below.

On Site Facility Inspection

We visit every one of our accredited facilities to see the conditions and quality of equipment first hand. No auto network can claim quality as accurately as 18004CarCare because we visit every facility we work with.

In-Person Facility Owner Interviews

Other auto networks do over-the-phone interviews for accreditation. For us that just doesn’t cut it. There’s no substitute for looking someone in the eye, shaking hands, and getting a read on honesty and integrity. Our presence on site not only gives us a more genuine feel for the people, we also visit every location in our network to show the facility owner that we’re there to build a relationship. 

Technician Interviews

We don’t just talk to the facility owner. A telltale sign of a good establishment is happy technicians. Part of our visit involves a tour around the facility with time to chat with the mechanics to learn about how the work is going and how life is at their facility.

Average Ticket Price

The 18004CarCare accreditation team members know what an average visit to an auto facility should cost. We review recent ticket prices to make sure they’re in line with what we consider a fair price for service.


3rd Party Review Research

Prior to visiting an automotive facility to help determine there eligbility for our accredidation any complaints are addressed during our in-person facility owner interview. Any concerns or outstanding issues are addressed in our interview process.

Help Us Fix the Automotive Industry

We need your help to reward the good, honest automotive experts who stand for integrity and change the negative perception of the automotive industry. When you find auto care with 18004CarCare, you support the vision of a world where everyone gets fair, honest car care. Use our network to find an auto facility or check to see if your preferred facility is accredited.


Help us fix the automotive industry. Find an Honesty-Accredited TM automotive facility near you. You won’t regret it.