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Fleet Service available at 30 + Locations in the Metro Area 

(Specialty shops Available)


What is third-party fleet management?

Depending on who you ask, third-party fleet management is among the fleet industry’s next big things. In many ways, a third-party fleet management provider is exactly what it sounds like—a managed service that oversees the day-to-day operations of your fleet. This may include implementing and managing a planned maintenance program, monitoring and optimizing driver behaviors and using a provider’s in-house fleet management software to manage work orders and inventory.


Should you outsource?

This is a loaded question that depends on a wide range of factors. According to Ameco, a mobile equipment tool solution company for the construction and industrial markets, if there is not at least 1,500 hours of work time per year for a mechanic, then it is probably not worth it to keep that person on the payroll. In short, for smaller fleets with limited budgets, third-party fleet management is generally considered a good investment.

  • You are able to offload the time, expertise and resource-intensive tasks so you can focus directly on growing your business.
  • Mitigated risk - Regulatory compliance is tricky to navigate. Some non-compliance violations can result in millions of dollars in fines and legal fees. For a smaller fleet, a single compliance misstep can put you out of business. When outsourcing your fleet management operations, you are paying for the compliance expertise of seasoned fleet managers who will make sure your fleet is entirely above board.

Cost savings 

Soft costs
  • Soft costs can be the biggest killer for budgets because they are difficult to predict and quantify, as they do not entail additional expenses.
  • Consolidated billing
  • Service providers will often offer consolidated billing, which moves your countless vendor invoices to a single, monthly invoice with all your maintenance shop charges. This saves major time and headache on the backend and can also translate to operational savings.
  • Reduced downtime
  • Another major example is vehicle downtime. When a vehicle is sidelined, the cost of lost profit can quickly multiply. On average, downtime is expected to cost a fleet  around $450.00-$750.00 per day in income.
  • The faster a vehicle can get to the repair facility, the faster it can get back on the road.  18004CARCARE has 30 + Locations throughout the metro area and specialty shops standing by, YOUR FLEET benefits greatly,  If your fleet operates across a wide geographic area drivers may be able to get into a local provider’s shop before it can make it back to your in-house maintenance bay.
  • Better quality
  • When you outsource fleet maintenance, economies of scale are in your favor, especially for SMB fleets. You will have access to greater resources, including the soft cost benefits of access to cutting edge technology and industry best practices—something in-house maintenance may not always allow.
  • Increased productivity
  • Another soft cost saving is greater fleet operations productivity. With outsourced maintenance, you no longer have to employ certified mechanics. This means no more mechanic trainings (our shops already do that) to keep their skills sharp or scrambling to fill a void and hire a new mechanic if one quits.
  • Every fleet is a different case. You should consider your fleet goals and budget when determining whether to outsource fleet maintenance. Be sure, however, to not overlook the cost savings associated with outsourcing fleet maintenance.
The decision to have your own team of techs or outsource your fleet maintenance is a case-by-case decision that will depend on your organization and fleet goals. One major benefit that leads fleets to outsource fleet maintenance, however, is the hard and soft cost savings.

Why use an Accredited 18004CARCARE Repair Facility

Fleets typically save up to 20% with our repair facilities.
  • A thorough inspection is performed on each visit to provide Fleet Managers with all of the information on the condition of their vehicles.
  • One of our Accredited facilities will identify & provide honest, transparent repairs and maintenance and recommendations, so you may make educated decisions. 
  • *Built in Mediation/Dispute resolution (See our file a complaint form
  • Only necessary, pre-approved services will be done. 
  • Preventive maintenance is KEY to extending the o stall health and life of your vehicle. And protection of your asset. 
  • 30+ local locations; we make it convenient!
  • Preventive maintenance: Anticipate problems before they happen 
  • Reduce down time 
  • Control costs
  • Streamline the maintenance process with our fleet maintenance software and automatically record service data in from the repair shop's point of sale electronically approve repair orders and get one bill including all your fleet maintenance vendors.


If a problem was to arise with billing, repair work done, warranty or anything for that matter. 18004CARCARE has a dispute resolution process that can "get in the middle" and help resolve your problem quickly- without you ever have to get your hands "dirty".


2 Year/ 24,000 Mile Warranty
  • Priority Service
  • DOT Inspections
  • Shuttle Service for Pick Up & Drop Off
  • Access to Towing Service with Commercial Vehicle Capacity
  • Detailed Statements for Each Service Available
  • Monthly Summary Reports Available
  • Advance Notifications for Services Needed Available
  • Full Service Auto Repair on Nearly All Import & Domestic Makes & Models of Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Diesels & Hybrids
  • Maintenance & Repair Services that Include Computer & Drivability Diagnostic Testing, Electrical, Engine, Transmission, Brakes, Alignments, Steering & Suspension, and more 


Email: fleet@18004CARCARE.COM  Or call 303-249-1010 and speak to Rj
The bottom line is that when you contract an outside fleet management provider, you are offloading a huge chunk of your practical, day-to-day operations to an offsite organization.